If you can see it, Diane can create it.

Diane Matzner is a veteran designer and award-winning business owner, always learning and training as she travels her life’s journey. Everything she has done has contributed and funneled her to the world of design.

Whether you are in need of a quick home make-over or are starting a new business, Diane is uniquely qualified and has the talents and track record to turn your dream to reality.
Here is what some of her clients and colleagues have to say...

"These photos have documented, once again, the incredible imagination and artistic flair of Diane G. Matzner. Wow is all I can say. Thank you Lisa and Lainer for the wonderful gift--and of course Diane for all the love she put into their first home."

-- Mother of the client (new bride/first home), Joshua Tree, July 2014

"All I can say is WOW! Hard to tell by the pictures but when you get inside it is so beautiful. She spent 5 days, buying and setting it all up. She did her magic, I think they will love it!"

-- Aunt of the client (new bride/first home), Joshua Tree, July 2014

"OMG! Diane, what a gorgeous job you did at Parinamah! You are absolutely gifted. So sophisticated and professional and artistically delicious. Thanks for your clever eye and outside-the box brilliance. You are an inspiration and I would love to learn from you--I've never claimed to be a merchandising person--I've been out of retail for a long, long time. But you, as I said, are a genius. I had a gay friend in PS when I was at Joseph Magnin who was the display person and OMG! Same as you! Someone who makes me slap my forehead and say, "Why didn't I think of that?"

-- Parinamah Spa in Manzanita, OR

"Diane is a finely honed ability to turn a house into a home. She turned a beach rental into a comfy, stylish nest for us. She is energetic and enthusiastic about her projects and we are thrilled with the results."

-- Dianne Grosskopf, hired Diane as a home makeover in 2009

"As a 20 year Chamber CEO, now a National Speaker on Customer Service, I have never met a more focused, motivated, enthusiastic and sincere business person than Diane Matzner. She has that gift of marketing, display, and an eye for fashion months before it is released by others. Her business ethics are above approach, and the staff she hand picked stayed with her for many years in her several businesses. It would be to your advantage to include Diane Matzner in your Marketing, Promotion, and Consulting for the growth and success of your business or product or both. Please feel free to call me at 760-323-4600 for any specific questions you may have on the impact this Business Leader can have on your business and it's future."

-- David K. Aaker, Owner/Principal of Aaker and Associates

"Diane's renovation of two downtown storefronds added immeasureably to the charm and attraction of Palm Springs. She was a huge asset to the community, a big supporter of innovation and a complete delight to work with."

-- Carolyn Patten, PR Director, Tourism, City of Palm Springs

"Diane is a dynamic and dynamically creative. She's dedicated and hard working. I've watched her start and develop succesful ventures where she put her wide-ranging talents to use. I've also worked with her on community projects and know she is a huge asset to any community where she lives or works."

-- Jessica Scarffe, Political Science Instructor, Allan Hancock College

"Diane presents herself as a positive and creative thinker which makes her ideas unique and applicable to the client. I have seen her work results - from the beginning of a challenged situation with an old house - transforming the exterior, landscape and interior into a wonderful ambience where one wishes to never leave."

-- Erica Hopper

"While in the process of the remodel of my 1960s ranch-style home in Corona, Diane stepped in with suggestions that the contractor implemented to further enhance the work in progress. She maximized and transformed non-practicable, unused areas of the house into more livable, functional and thoughtfully designed spaces. In addition to lending her talents as a designer, her beautifully appointed decorator touches highlighted my personal tastes, which further assisted me in turning the project from a house to a home."

-- Ken Calvert, U.S. Congressman, R-44th District of California

"Diane Matzner is exceptional.

During almost 10 years on the Palm Springs City Council I observed Diane with great and continuous surprise. She demonstrated time and time again her growing abilities in business, community service, professional development and personal fulfillment.

Diane was the owner of three of our downtown's most successfully popular, trendy and fashionable shopping boutiques: La Mariposa, Aristokatz and Mosaic. Her eclectic and creative buying talents produce shops with individual style. Her stores were the model for others to emulate, but alas, none were ever as creative as hers.

Her astute understanding of retail afforded her unmatched insight into what the buying public wanted. Her clientele travelled far, from the other down valley cities, with the expressed purpose of visiting her stores. Her following was dedicated, affluent and always satisfied. One could always see her store's bags being carried throughout the downtown, symbolizing more satisfied customers.

Diane's understanding of retail was clearly seen in her products and merchandise, but it was also evident in her staff. She trained and groomed each of them to be professionals that were honed to cater to her patrons. Their shopping experience was enhanced by working with her professional staff; they only added to the joy of being surrounded by her beautiful products.

When Diane opened a shop, the stores next to hers benefitted from the increased sale traffic that she generated. Her boutiques were magnets that improved the area.

Diane did not keep her talents to herself. She volunteered for civic duties, serving on Boards and Commissions when asked. She could be seen in support of special events throughout the city. She helped to create the Holiday Walk of the Historic Hotels in downtown Palm Springs and was a familiar face at Palm Springs' Festival of Lights Parade. She loved to celebrate the holidays and her beloved city Palm Springs.

The Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce presented her with the Athena Award for her contributions to our city. She was a well-deserved recipient, one who "earned it."

She is an exceptional woman; an addition to any city or town that is blessed to have her retail shop, store or boutique. She will bring a touch of culture, class and fun to any shopping experience. To the city itself, she is an asset. She adds her complete dedication to all she endeavors to undertake.

She has earned my admiration, respect and recommendation.

She is a wonderful friend and I know she will continue to succeed in her life.

-- Will Kleindienst, AIA, Former Mayor of Palm Springs"